PRWeb vs. 24/7 Press Release vs. eReleases
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PRWeb vs. 24/7 Press Release vs. eReleases

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from the distribution of press releases online to reach journalists, media sites, and news networks. The larger distribution packages will end up costing more, but depending on your needs and your budget, you should be able to find a plan that's right for you between these three press release services.
Covered in this report
PRWeb — Best Features
Distribution to many regional and national news feeds.
Cheapest plan for distribution to premium news partners.
Best for: Businesses and individuals who want to capitalize on SEO and social media sharing.
Best deal: 10% off First News Release - [activate coupon]
24/7 Press Release — Best Features
Cheaper options if you want at least some exposure but don't have a lot of money to start out with.
SEO is a major factor in their distribution packages.
Best for: Smaller businesses and individuals looking for most inexpensive options.
Best deal: $139 Full SEO & Media Exposure Release - [activate coupon]
eReleases — Best Features
Their PRTrue List includes high priority lists are targeted to hand-selected reporters in a variety of industries.
Their WireWatch service guarantees exposure on 75-100+ media sites.
Best for: Larger businesses and corporations who have the money to spend on wider exposure.
Best deal: $399 inclusive release package - [activate coupon]

As the Internet is the current bastion of modern media and marketing, so too have online, electronic press releases become a common way to find breaking news. For many websites, news outlets, journalists, bloggers, and the like, this has become a primary news source and has thus grown to be a powerful outlet for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

There are three major electronic press release services you can choose from when you are ready to share your press release with the media: PRWeb, 24-7 Press Release, and eReleases. Each of the three varies in pricing and features offered, and depending on your needs and budget, you may find any one of these services of particular value to you and your release.

Who Uses Press Release Sites?


Say you’re a small business mainly looking for exposure to local news outlets and social media and some SEO assistance. A cheaper plan with fewer bells and whistles may be just up your alley, as you might not even need or benefit from the hyper-national exposure you could end up paying for.

Or maybe you’re a nationwide corporation or franchise looking to send your latest earnings report or company announcement to high-end journalists, newspapers, and financial analysts. A cheaper plan may not generate enough exposure for you, and you may have the money to spend on one of the more expensive, but also more expansive, plans.

There are many options to suffice your goals for where and in whose hands you would like your press release to end up. 24-7 Press Release tends to have cheaper options that may be more suitable for a small business scenario, while the premium plans from eReleases or PRWeb might be more appropriate for larger businesses. Regardless of how major or minor your needs might be, there is a plan out there that is right for you. We will discuss these options and features more in depth later in our analysis.

Submission Process

When you’ve got a press release drawn up and ready to send out, you should have in mind which plan you might be considering, as some may have specific submission guidelines. These sites also offer resources for writing the best press release for your particular business and announcement.

For 24-7 Press Release, you’ll create a free account and submit your press releases through their Account Manager Publishers’ area after choosing the plan you want. Press releases may not be accepted if the guidelines are not followed—guidelines which mainly pertain to defamatory content and outright advertisements. After acceptance and publication, your press release will remain online until you remove it yourself.

For eReleases, simply type in your name, email address, and phone number and choose your distribution package. You then choose your distribution categories and whether or not you want to submit only one release or more at one time. Enter your headline and press release info and place your order.

For PRWeb, you also create a free account and submit your press release online. It will be distributed based on your package of choice, and the results will be tracked using detailed analytics.

Journalists / Bloggers

These websites are not only valuable for those who send out press releases—they are also crucial for those who read them. Bloggers and journalists have grown increasingly fond of the online press release, as it is currently one of the fastest ways to find and report about the latest news.

You can sign up for a free account with 24-7 press release to begin receiving news stories on a daily basis based on the preferences you’ve set and news channels to which you’ve subscribed. Journalists do not have to create an account with PRWeb; instead they can simply browse the latest headlines or search for specific news pertaining to their interests. eReleases does not appear to have an option for journalists’ news discovery and is primarily a press release submission service.

Pricing and Features

Pricing for distribution plans varies between the three services depending on features, amount of exposure, and the caliber of websites to which your press release will be sent. Based on the features you want and the amount you want to spend, each service has its advantages and disadvantages when compared side by side. Generally, as plans increase in price, so too do the relevant numbers associated with each type of feature.


Best Value Comparisons

Advanced vs. Standard

PRWeb’s Advanced package is the most popular and also seems to be the best bang for your buck. For only $40 more than the cheapest Standard package ($159) the Advanced plan ($199) includes distribution to twice as many industry news feeds, two more regional news feeds, and placement on local news sites and premium websites. There is also considerably more social media and search engine optimization options with the Advanced package in addition to a custom URL and keyword anchor text links.

Advanced vs. Premium

As far as the Premium ($369) versus Advanced ($199) packages, most of the features are the same. For the extra $170, the Premium plan offers distribution to an additional media list, national media via the Associated Press, and embedded video. If these features are unnecessary for you, then the Advanced package has the greater value.

Financial vs. Advanced/Premium

The Financial plan ($499) also shares nearly all of the same features as the Advanced and Premium packages. But the Financial plan also includes distribution to three media lists, instead of one or two, and placement on top financial sites like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal. This option is best suited for companies hoping to reach investors, analysts, and financial journalists with their press release.

24-7 Press Release

Best Value Comparisons

SEO & Media Exposure vs. Online Visibility

For this website, SEO & Media Exposure plan ($139) appears to be the best valued package. For only $90 more than the Online Visibility package ($49), you’ll receive four times as many premium news partners to distribute to and 600 distribution opportunities for the site’s Newswire Network, which includes 200 industry channel websites, versus none with the cheaper plan. This is in addition to five more industry categories to use for search qualifications.

SEO & Media Exposure vs. Mass Media Visibility

Between the SEO & Media Exposure package ($139) and the most expensive package, Mass Media Visibility ($389), the only differences are $250 in price and distribution to the PR Newswire network, which includes more than 5,000 websites plus story access for journalists and bloggers. If this last feature is not necessary for your business or is out of your price range, the cheaper package should have enough features to benefit your release.


Best Value Comparisons

Unlike the other two services, eReleases doesn’t necessarily have as clear cut of a best value package. With this site, which package is best primarily depends on your needs for word count and industry targets as well as how much media website exposure you are looking for.

Buzz Builder vs. Newsmaker/PR Pro

Buzz Builder ($299) is the cheapest of the different plans, which increase by increments of $100 as you add features. Though it is the cheapest, the Buzz Builder package still offers most of the same features as Newsmaker ($399) and PR Pro ($499). The plan includes less industry targets, a smaller word count, no minimum guaranteed number of media website posts, and no access to the PRTrue List, which includes high-priority lists that cover a variety of industries and are targeted to hand-selected reporters.

Newsmaker vs. PR Pro

At $100 more, PR Pro offers 100 additional words for the press release, three industry targets instead of two, and listing on the PRTrue List. The Newsmaker package does not include the PRTrue List.

General Feature Comparisons

If you want your press release to be sent to premium news outlets, PRWeb has the cheapest option with their Premium package at $369, followed by 24-7 Press Release with their Mass Media Visibility plan at $389, and eReleases' Newsmaker plan at $399. If you have the money to spend on each press release, this is an important aspect to these plans for receiving maximum exposure.

Since journalists subscribe to these sites for access to these press releases, you may also prioritize exposure to them. Each service’s cheapest options offer exposure to subscribed journalists, with 24-7 Press Release’s Online Visibility plan ($49), PRWeb’s Standard plan ($159), and eReleases’s Buzz Builder plan ($299).

In terms of SEO, 24-7 Press Release offers SEO services with both their SEO Professional ($89) and SEO and Media Exposure ($139) plans, but the SEO and Media Exposure plan also includes increased inbound links to increase credibility with search engines. eReleases offers SEO enhancements with their Buzz Builder plan ($299), and PRWeb offers SEO services with their Advanced plan ($199), also claiming that they have the “world’s most highly-rated release service for SEO.”

For maximum social media sharing, you can turn to 24-7 Press Releases’ SEO Professional plan ($89) for social bookmark links as the cheapest option or their SEO & Media Exposure plan ($139) to be shared on the service’s official Twitter feed. PRWeb offers social media exposure included in its base Standard plan ($159) with the claim that they are the “world’s most socially shared release service.” eReleases does not specifically mention social media sharing in their plans.

24-7 Press Release also offers a free press release service in which you are allowed one free press release submission per day. However, review or publication of this release is not guaranteed, and there are several guidelines to follow, which are listed on their website. Only paid packages are guaranteed publication.


Check prices as plans and prices can change. No matter what the size of your business might be, or how far you want your latest press release to go, you have many options when it comes to distribution rates and feature sets. Know what’s right for you and your goals, and choose your online PR package based on what will help you to succeed.

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PRWeb Coupon: 10% off First News Release - Activate
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24/7 Press Release
24/7 Press Release Coupon: $139 Full SEO & Media Exposure Release - Activate
eReleases Coupon: $399 inclusive release package - Activate
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Excellent write up of 3 great press release service sites.  Bang on with what is out there. I have also heard there are major major huge changes coming to Alot more reporting, integration with social media, better distribution, much much more. My undertstanind is either pricing will be grandfathered (get in now with a paid press release before the changes go in?) for those who have been faithful over the years, or possibly no increase (that almost sounds too good!).