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PR Web is a press release distribution service. Simply stated, you have something newsworthy that you want others to know. It may be a promotion of someone in your company or a new product or a success goal reached. Whatever your news, you need to let other people know. You write a press release. Be sure to include the basics: who, what, where, when and why or how. Submit your article to PR Web and they release it to various major news outlets. They also send your press release to various journalists and bloggers and other news agencies who have signed up for their services. They will also include your press release on their website and allow you to track your press release.

PRWeb: What makes it different?

PR Web is straight and to the point. There is no doubt what the charges will be for their service, unlike PR Newswire. The PR Web site is laid out for ease of use. Pricing, for example, is a main button. The pricing page is laid out in a comparison easy to read view. 

They are the choice of many companies for their distribution of news. PR Web also makes it easy for reporters and editors to actually find news on their site in any given topic. PR Web also offers webinars for their clients to increase their effectiveness and skills.

PRWeb vs. primary competitors (sites similar to PRWeb)

PR Newswire and PR Syndication also both offer a press release distribution service. 

PR Newswire, in addition to similar distribution services, also caters to the non profit and small business clients. They claim to be the “global leader” in the news distribution service. They do seem to push more of the online focus through social media, multimedia presentations and search engine optimization. Their charges for distribution was not as open and easily accessible as PR Web. PR Newswire has an annual membership fee of $195 for clients who pay all charges via credit card. Otherwise their fee is $249.
They do offer a discounted membership fee of $99 for non-profit customers. On top of the annual charge, their site states, “additional distribution fees will apply.” 

PR Syndication is the newer of the three companies but no less professional. They charge $399 for a 500 word release. PR Syndication offers a more personalized approached. Their mission is “to empower entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses … enabling them to achieve unprecedented media exposure and brand awareness.”

PRWeb: Pricing & packages

For the journalist and media outlets, PR Web is free. There is no charge to acquire press releases. That said, there are four packages available for those releasing news. Your individual needs will dictate which plan is best for your release. All four packages include distribution to over 250,000 custom RSS Feeds, Yahoo! News, Topix and Google News. The number of industry news feeds, regional news feeds and local outlets varies depending on the plan you have selected. All four packages also allow you to include your contact information and website. 

The four plans are:

Additional services are offered for the latter three packages. These services include writing the release for you, editing your release and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PRWeb: Product images & screenshots
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PRWeb: Customer reviews & comments

Barbara Kantor, of Vedante, appreciates PR Web editing her releases. She also commended their customer service and their availability.  Amber Zbierski, of Solutions That Stick, also commended the customer service she received as a client. Rae Hoffman-Dolan, of Sugarrae ( has used PR Web for quite a while and is immensely pleased with the service and professionalism shown by PR Web over the years. She has tracked her releases and has seen the proof that her releases are being seen by the intended audiences.

As a former online newspaper editor, I have used the releases at PR Web from time to time when I needed to fill a void or fill a last minute special section. The articles were generally well written and ready for publication.

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