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MyNewsDesk is an innovative new tool for the PR guru, that intends to pioneer its way through the next century, providing social optimization, organization, simplify, provide customized news and real-time updates on targeted intersocial activity. Basically, this is the tool that every social marketer and networker dreams of. That being said, it's not just for the socially minded. Professionals who find they need this information as well, can benefit massively from MyNewsDesk's superb customer support, analytics tools and simple social bookmark integration. This is the ultimate tool for anyone hoping to stay on top of consumer trends, or whom wants an easy way to generate targeted leads.

This impressive software was developed and perfected in 2003 by Swedish Journalists and NetGeeks who wanted to find a way to simplfy their public relations work. Because of MyNewsDesks revolutionary abilities, the software is now used by over 25,000 companies, and wikipedia claims they have a 97% satisfaction rating.

MyNewsDesk offers products and services such as:

With a few simple "click click's", you can easily share any media with your targeted audience, and then come back to check your influence and next step. Basically, MyNewsRoom is your best friend for news, socializing, business and fun!

My Newsdesk: What makes it different?

What makes MyNewsDesk Different?

There are many fantastic tools and services that really make MyNewsDesk stand out, though if I had to pick just a few to highlight, it would be:

  • User Friendly - above the other software and services I reviewed, MyNewsDesk maintained the status of being the most user friendly over the other programs.
  • Idependent-Friendly - one way that MyNewsDesk has managed to stand out above their competition, is because while they maintain strong tools for businesses, they don't leave out the little-guy (or gal) who may be working solo or who many not be 'working' at all.
  • Influence - one of the many tools that MyNewsDesk offers, are key influencer tools, which help to show you who in your social circle, is the most influential. This is extremely useful, as knowing who has the most pull, can help to tell you who can help you spread the word, build your reputation or find action.
  • Price - Although it may not seem as important to others, to a busy business-person like myself, it saves me time and hassle to get to see the pricing up front. And it shows that MyNewsDesk has nothing to hide, as well as showing they believe they are worth that much.
  • No Contract Free Trials - Believe it or not, some companies don't actually hook you in with their free trial by putting in the fine print that if you don't spend a week trying to cancel your service before the free trial is up. No, some companies don't have to, because they know that their products will speak for themselves. Clearly, MyNewsDesk is one of those companies. They have to be, because they offer free trials that don't require you to use a credit card, and don't hook you into a monthly fee just for trying the trial. Once the trial runs out, they'll send you an email asking if you would like to continue, but that's it!
  • Free - although it may not be as snazy as the paid versions, something is better then nothing, especially if you might be interested in upgrading later on.
My Newsdesk vs. primary competitors (sites similar to My Newsdesk)

How well does MyNewsDesk hold up to the competition?

Let's find out!

Vocus and Cision are the companies that MyNewsDesk finds itself in the most competition with. Though if the Earning Estimator has anything to say about it, there isn't much competition. MyNewDesk brings in an estimated $7.3k per month, whereas Vocus and Cision are both bringing in less than $3k, which is respectable for sure, but doesn't hold a candle to the MyNewsDesk flame. Both Vocus and Cision bring in less than 600,000 page views per month, where MyNewsDesk pulls in over 1.4 million page views per month. The irony here, is that both competing companies have at least six years seniority over MyNewsDesk, whose come in and swooped up the market in less than 3 years.

Through there experience, Cision seems to be much more focused on the importance of campaigning along with integration and organization, which is something that gives them an edge over MyNewsDesk. That being said, Cision loses a lot of brownie points by making their prospective customers send for "price requests" as well as for any other vital information. As a busy and budget minded business-person myself, I don't have the time to waste sending requests for something as simple as price. As a seasoned marketer, I also understand the idea behind this tactic (to get you on the phone with someone who can try to convince you that their prices aren't outrageous), and that is so not cool.

Vocus takes a different focus by zeroing in on the need for Influence in the world of social PR. It's a smart move, seeing as none of the competition highlights just how important rapport and influence are in this industry. MyNewsDesk has a few little blurbs about getting chummy with other influential people, though they don't take the time to show just how well they can help you develop into an influential person, which is just as important as making friends with other influential people, isn't it? Vocus loses me though, by committing a worse marketing foul then Cision, by not even offering a chance to request pricing. In fact, no where on their site, do they even mention the costs of their services and products. It's like they just assume they've got such good stuff you'll pay any price. Not cool.

Aside from those annoyances, Cision and Vocus seem like good products, though MyNewsMedia definitely appears much more organized and user friendly, which is a big deal in this artful industry. That being said, MyNewsMedia could take a few ideas from their competittion, at some genuine essence and then use those tools to cultivate more success for MyNewsMedia users. Though ideas and tools are:

  • An Online Briefing Center (for companies and organizations)
  • Campaign Wizards (for the tech-challenged)
My Newsdesk: Pricing & packages

What's It Cost?

MyNewsDesk provides most of their services and products in different levels fitted nicely into their own packages, which makes the tools you need, easier to access and put to work.

  • MyNewsDesk Premium - The is the best that MyNewsDesk has to offer, and is for the elite networkers who don't want to miss out or be limited in anyway. MyNewsDesk Premium starts at $540 per month and offers everything you get from lower packages, plus the ability to host your own newsroom on your own website, which gives you better abilities to brand your company, personality, service or product.
  • MyNewsdesk Plus - This is really the best deal out of all that MyNewsDesk has to offer, being that for $90 less, the only thing you lose is the hosted newsroom, which while that is a cool tool, it's much more of a hassle then it's worth if your not a big corporate big shot who can afford to hire someone to take care of all the website details. 
  • MyNewsdesk Pro - With the Pro system, you get all the usability, though you lose some key functions that really don't make this package as appealing as it ought to be. Being a step down from Plus, you not only lose the hosting function, but you lose the ability to search for profiles, directly engage through your newsroom, you lose the web analytics tool and you can say sianora to the customized software training that the better packages offer.

They also offer:

  • MyNewsDesk Basic - This plan is only $80, which sounds nice on the wallet. Though in addition to what you lose with the Pro plan, you also lose all of the nine social newsroom features (which includes making a company profile and allowing others to comment on what you post). You also lose all of the Explore and Network features, as well as four out of the give Monitoring features. Overall, it's not a bad plan, though if you can afford to upgrade, I suggest you should.
  • MyNewsDesk FREE - With this program you get to use 9 of the 11 distribution tools, 6 out of the 11 Publishing features (including one Geographical Category and Tags) and you still have the ability to publish any kind of media or information your heart desires. Sadly, aside from most of the best features, you also lose the Phone Support with the phone program. Though you can still get help from the MyNewsDesk staff through email or paid phone calls.
My Newsdesk: Product images & screenshots
My Newsdesk Coupons
My Newsdesk: Customer reviews & comments

Even though MyNewsDesk is almost three years old, they've spent most of their time in Sweden, which is why the few true reviews they have are not in english and available to give you an idea of what other users really think about the MyNewsDesk set up. Thankfully though, that opens up the opportunity for you to be the first to give them the five star review they want, or two thumbs way down, if that's how you feel.

Personally, after trying some of the free trials myself, I think there is plenty of room for growth and improvement from the company, though it is clear that they have learned a lot from their predecessors. MyNewsDesk is tenacious and ready to venture out into the world and stir things up, which is important in the world of social media and the tools we used to master it.

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